Man Arrested After Allegedly Flashing Knife At Family

A young man in the City of Shasta Lake made some paranoid comments as he flashed a knife at a family out for a stroll Thursday afternoon, according to the sheriff's office. At 4:40PM Thomas George was walking with his wife and small children near Shasta Dam Boulevard and Locust Avenue. 18-year-old Harold Barton allegedly approached them, brandished an open pocket knife at George, and made odd statements about the government being after him. George pulled out his cell phone and called 9-1-1, causing Barton to flee because then the government really was after him. George said several similar incidents had happened in the same area over the past few days. Deputies found Barton nearby and searched him, reportedly finding a folding knife in the open fixed position hidden in his sweatshirt. He was arrested for exhibiting a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed dagger.