Grant Will Fund Rail Study

With Humboldt County pushing from one end, Tehama County pushing from the other end, and Trinity County pulling in the middle, a grant has been issued to complete a feasibility study on the notion of a rail line to link Humboldt County with Union Pacific’s mainline running through the Sacramento River valley. The 276,000 Dollar “Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant” from Cal-Trans will be matched with 69,000 Dollars from the non-profit "Land Bridge Alliance”.  The money will be used by the Trinity County Transportation Commission to complete the study, which will expand on earlier studies done by the City of Eureka. The west-to-east rail connection is part of a larger vision to turn Humboldt Bay into a major international seaport. Other contributing efforts have been done, including modernization of Highway 299 and deepening of the shipping channels into the bay. Commission Director Rick Tippett says the rail line has a potential to be “A generational social and economic game changer for Northwestern California”.  What’s needed first is a potential price tag.