Man Sentenced For Multiple Molestations

A 61-year-old Redding accountant has been sentenced for the ongoing molestation of multiple young victims.  In April of last year Redding Police were called when a video of child pornography was found in the home of Charles Edward Crowe.  A search was done and 15 more videos were found.  An investigator contacted the two victims seen in the footage, and neither of them were aware that their abuse had been recorded.  One of the girls said Crowe started violating her when she was 11-years-old.  She said she used to sneak into her sister's room because he wouldn't molest her if the girls were together.  She also would try to stay up all night so Crowe couldn't sneak in and abuse her.  Crowe started molesting the other girl when she was 10 and the abuse continued until she was 16.  Crowe pleaded guilty in January and was sentenced on Friday to 18-years-to-life in prison.  If he ever gets out he'll have to register as a sex offender.