City Water Users Voluntarily Cut Consumption

Redding is in a much better position than most of California in terms of water supply, with multiple sources and longstanding water rights contracts. Still, the city is expecting to get less water from the Bureau of Reclamation, so some conservation measures are being taken. Stage one of the city's drought management plan, which was implemented in February, calls for a voluntary 15 percent reduction. In the summertime, the water supply from the Sacramento River and Whiskeytown Lake is augmented by the city's 17 ground wells, mostly in South Redding and Enterprise. When water is first drawn from the wells in late spring, flushing is done to clean out sediment. This year that flushing will be done only on a case-by-case basis. Extra care will also be taken with efficient watering of the city's landscaping and parks. The voluntary conservation order has worked... during March, Redding water customers used 24 percent less than last year. Water utility crews can help customers find possible leaks, and lots of helpful tips can be found at