Gunshot Victim Identified

A man who died of a gunshot wound after showing up at an Anderson convenience store Sunday night apparently had been shot by a man he was threatening, according to the sheriff's office.  Shortly after 6 O’clock customers called 9-1-1 from the 7-11 on North Street reporting a gunshot victim. A witness at the scene told us he provided first aid until medical personnel arrived. He said it appeared the bullet entered the man’s right rear shoulder but no exit wound could be found. The victim, identified as 34-year-old James Michael Patterson, was taken to Mercy Medical Center, where he died. Anderson Police asked for assistance from the sheriff's office, and their investigation led to a home on Peach Lane in Churn Creek Bottom. Sheriff's detectives say Patterson, along with another man and a woman, had gone to the Peach Lane home of Carl Douglas Smedley to confront him about an issue between Smedley and a mutual acquaintance. It's not known what the issue was or who the mutual acquaintance was, but Smedley claimed he had never seen Patterson before.  He said Patterson had a hammer in his hand and was getting increasingly aggressive and threatening. Smedley says he asked for help from a housemate and was handed a 380 caliber pistol. He allegedly fired at least two rounds in Patterson's direction from about two feet away. He said he thought he hit him with one of the shots, and he apparently did. Patterson and his companions fled to the 7-11 in the pickup that Patterson had been driving around for about a week. The truck had been stolen from Lone Pine east of Fresno. The sheriff's office says a small marijuana grow was found in Smedley's home, but it's not known if that's related. No arrests have been made as the investigation continues.