Clerk Thwarts Robbery Attempt With Pepper Spray

A Redding gas station robbery didn’t turn out as the robber had hoped Monday morning. 31-year-old Daniel Murillo of Medford was apparently visiting 39-year-old Melissa Lonewolf of Yreka at her room at the Motel 6 on Hilltop Drive. Just after 7:30AM, Murillo apparently decided to rob the Chevron Station next door. He allegedly put on a disguise and armed himself with a knife before entering the store and demanding cash from the clerk, 21-year-old Anthony Harris. When Harris opened the till and started to take the money out, Murillo reportedly jumped up onto the counter and began grabbing the money himself. That impatience was his undoing as Harris grabbed a can of pepper spray and started shooting it into Murillo’s face. Murillo dropped the money and fled empty-handed. He was seen running back into Lonewolf’s motel room, but when officers arrived, Murillo allegedly refused to allow Lonewolf to leave, holding her against her will. After a brief standoff, Murillo surrendered and he was booked into jail for robbery, burglary, false imprisonment, and criminal threats.