Explosive Laden Trailer Incinerated

A trailer packed with explosives has been incinerated near Shasta College. The location is at the end of Wintu Way about a mile-and-a-half west of Old Oregon Trail and about a quarter-mile east of the Gold Hills Subdivision. On Saturday somebody found several containers of powdered chemicals in a non-functioning freezer in a storage shed. The sheriff's department bomb squad identified several different explosive materials and removed the chemicals that were considered stable. Some homemade explosives could not be moved so a backhoe was brought in to dig some holes on the property. The compounds were placed in the holes and detonated on Tuesday, but another cache of explosives was found in a camp trailer, including a pipe bomb and ammunition cans containing unknown materials. The owner of the trailer, 42-year-old Joseph Hicks, who's not the property owner, gave consent for the incineration of the trailer. Residents within One Thousand Feet were evacuated and the incineration was done at around 11 O'clock Thursday morning, sending up a dark plume of smoke. There were at least 5 large explosions and hundreds of smaller blasts. The sheriff's office says Hicks is suspected of making the homemade explosives, though no charges have been filed. Hick's background is being investigated, but he's not believed to belong to any subversive or terrorist group. He's apparently just a dangerous hobbyist, similar to D. Ray East, the man who blew his hand off in an explosion at his Chaparral Drive home west of Redding in February. Lessons learned from that incident made this week's operation smoother, according to Sergeant Greene.