Officer Assaulted With Coffee Cup, Suspect Arrested

An Anderson Police Officer was apparently assaulted with a coffee cup Thursday morning. At 10AM a woman called 9-1-1 from her Manter Drive home saying that her son, 37-year-old Mark Rodriguez, had threatened to kill her with a knife and had grabbed her by the throat. She escaped from him and locked herself in a bathroom, which is where she was when she called. When officers got there Rodriguez was in the kitchen acting very agitated.  Because they had heard he had a knife, officers didn't approach Rodriguez, but tried to coax him out of the kitchen. While they were talking to him he became more upset and picked up a coffee cup, flinging its contents at the closest officer and then throwing the cup, which struck the officer on the back of his head. Another officer hit Rodriguez with a Taser, which didn't completely subdue him as he charged toward the officers. After a struggle Rodriguez was taken into custody. The injured officer and Sanchez were both treated at a hospital, and Rodriguez was booked into jail on several charges.