Inspectors Target Downtown Redding Motel

Building inspections aren't expected to go well if there's a day-and-a-half set aside for one hotel. The Americana Lodge on Pine Street in Downtown Redding has a colorful history, to put it mildly. Much of that history involves building, health, and safety violations that have generated countless complaints from their guests. Even after citations, the violations have persisted. The Americana provides lodging for travelers, but they also have long-term residents who bring police there on a regular basis. During a 3 year period from 2012 through 2014 police were called to the Americana nearly a thousand times. Shasta County Superior Court has issued an inspection warrant granting authority to look through the entire property.  On Wednesday and part of Thursday inspectors from the City of Redding Code Enforcement, building division, fire department, electric utility, and Shasta County Environmental Health are on site checking all 54 rooms for violations. Long term action might follow.