Local Forest Service Group Receives National Recognition

Some local behind-the-scenes Forest Service workers have been recognized with a national award. Mark Garland and the U.S. Forest Service Northern California Fire Cache were given an "Unsung Heroes" Award by the Secretary of Agriculture during a ceremony in Washington D.C. on Tuesday. The cache supports all wildland fires and other disasters in Northern California, and are often called on to help nationally and internationally. Garland and his crew are responsible for a 35,000 square foot warehouse off Airport Road that moves a massive volume of supplies. Last year they sent out over 60-Million Dollars worth of goods, including 700 miles of fire hose, almost 3 million AA batteries, 96 thousand meals ready-to-eat, 2100 ice chests, 4,000 pails of fire retardant and more than 50,000 items of water handling equipment. The goods were all delivered in 750 truckloads that traveled 96,400 miles.