Teen Arrested After Purse Snatching

A teenager was arrested Monday after ripping an elderly woman's purse from her hands, according to Redding Police. 68-year-old Angela Cuthbertson was at a bus stop on El Reno Lane near Westside Road waiting for a bus when 19-year-old Michael Griggs allegedly approached her and grabbed her purse. She held on tight and there was a struggle.  Eventually Griggs reportedly pulled hard enough to yank the purse free of the straps and he ran away with it.  When officers arrived Cuthbertson was very distraught and still clutching the purse straps. Witnesses pointed the officers in the direction of the nearby Capri Motel. After reviewing surveillance video and seeing which room Griggs went into, they found him and questioned him. He reportedly admitted to the purse-snatching, saying Cuthbertson appeared to be an easy target. Her things were found in his room and Griggs was arrested for robbery and elder abuse.