Man Involved In Street Fight Dies At Hospital

A man involved in a street fight over the weekend has died.  48-year-old Claude Schmies of Redding passed away at Mercy Hospital Tuesday. An autopsy is planned for Wednesday. Redding Police say alcohol helped fuel the street fight a little before One O’clock Sunday morning. 22-year-old Richard Hiers and 19-year-old Robert Byers were walking near the intersection of Elmwood and Veda Streets when a car drove by them too close. Words were exchanged and the car stopped, then came roaring back in reverse.  Schmies and 29-year-old John Fritz got out of the car to confront the approaching Hiers & Byers, and they all started fighting. The brawl lasted about 4 minutes, with part of it captured on surveillance video. It ended with Fritz & Schmies both knocked out. Fritz is still hospitalized in stable condition, and officers were able to interview him Tuesday. The fight remains under investigation and police are seeking witnesses.