Puppies Rescued From Culvert Pipe

Last Sunday was not looking like a good day for a pair of puppies in Cottonwood, that is until a Shasta County Animal Control Officer arrived.  The two lab mixes, a male and female estimated to be about 14 weeks old, had gotten themselves tightly wedged inside a culvert pipe that runs beneath the driveway of a home.  The condition of the dogs wasn't known, but they were very hot and one appeared to be injured.  The officer laid down at one end of the pipe and sweet talked the female puppy, cajoling her with treats until she could be snared and pulled out.  The male puppy, having lost the companionship of his sister, was very frightened.  He was uninterested in treats or toys and would not or could not budge.  Deputies were asked to come help, but none of them could reach the pup with any tools or sticks.  After a couple of hours the puppy was getting very hot and rescuers were desperate, so they called Cottonwood firefighters, who used a fire hose to blast the dog through.  He was treated at VCA Asher Veterinary Clinic for two foxtails in his eye.  Both grateful puppies are now at Haven Humane waiting for adoption.