Man Apparently Killed While Searching For Cowboy's Loot

Tragedy has marred what's supposed to be a fun diversion during rodeo week. A man has apparently died while searching for the Asphalt Cowboys loot. The victim had been under the impression that the loot was hidden in Redding's Sculpture Park next to City Hall. He apparently tried to pull himself up to look into a fountain and the unsecured fountain bowl he had used to heft himself up came down on top of him. He died of internal injuries, possibly a ruptured spleen. City of Redding officials are pretty tight-lipped about the incident, but the deceased man is identified as 37-year-old John German. Assistant City Manager Greg Clark tells us the city is conducting its own investigation over concerns of financial liability. The actual location of the loot was apparently the Civic Auditorium parking lot, where it was wrapped in foil and taped to a light pole. Anthony Ortiz found it Friday afternoon.