An October Surprise for Turtle Bay's Measure B

A Redding businessman has submitted a one million dollar offer to buy the property on which Turtle Bay proposes to build a Sheraton Hotel.  Alan Shufelberger, who is the president of R & S Roofing Supply in Redding, made the offer late Tuesday afternoon.  The offer is for the same parcel that is the subject of Measure B on the November 4th ballot, in which voters will be asked to decide whether or not the City of Redding can sell the land to the McConnell Foundation for $600,000.  Presumably McConnell would then lease the land back to Turtle Bay so it could build a Sheraton Hotel.  City Manager Kurt Starman says he does not know if the offer is related to the election, but it does come with an interesting stipulation: it expires in 7 days.  That's just a week ahead of the election.  Starman says because the offer was submitted at the end of the day, the City has not had a chance to review it, or to decide if they can even act on it before the election.