Teen Arrested For Running Over Man In North Redding

An arrest has been made after a man was dragged and run over in North Redding on Wednesday evening. At around 6:15PM, 38-year-old Michael Roberts was at his parents house on Decoy Drive off Pleasant Hill Drive near Gold Hills when a late-80s Toyota pickup with a lift kit and large tires started ripping around through the fields nearby at a high rate of speed. Roberts chased after the truck to tell the driver to slow down, but when he got out of his car, the pickup hit him. Roberts grabbed hold of the drivers door to avoid being run over and was dragged down the gravel road for several hundred yards. When he lost his grip he fell to the ground and was run over by the rear wheels.  A neighbor chased after the truck but lost it on city streets. Deputy Seth Edwards worked all night on the case, interviewing witnesses and researching prior contacts with that truck's description. He eventually determined the likely identity of the driver to be 18-year-old Damien Ellis-Cort. He learned that the man was at a friend's house off of Shasta View Drive, and at 4:4AM Thursday morning he found the pickup parked out front. Ellis-Cort was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. He reportedly told the deputy he had been off-roading and got lost and when Roberts confronted him he was scared of him and was trying to flee. Roberts is in fair condition Friday morning at Mercy Hospital.