Red Light Camera Installed At Cypress & Hilltop

A busy Redding intersection will be under the scrutiny of red light cameras starting on Tuesday, though that won't result in any traffic tickets for another month.  The cross of Cypress and Hilltop is a frequent collision site, and during busy times gridlock violations are common.  Redding Police hope those numbers will decrease with the installation of red light enforcement cameras.  They're the same cameras that had been installed at Cypress and Churn Creek, which is now camera-free.  State law requires a 30-day warning period, so until May first Redding Police will only issue warnings for violations caught by the cameras.  The other intersections in Redding that are enforced with cameras operated by Redflex Incorporated are Lake and North Market, Market and Shasta, Pine and Tehama, and Cypress and Bechelli.