Shasta County To Receive Settlement Money

Shasta County will get a share of a large legal settlement with the country's largest food distribution company. Between 2009 and 2013, Sysco food trucks delivered many thousands of food orders to un-refrigerated and unsanitary sheds. After sitting there for an undetermined amount of time, the food would be picked up by other Sysco employees in their personal vehicles and delivered to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools. The unsafely stored food sometimes included seafood, milk, and raw meat. The practice came to light in July of last year when NBC news in the Bay Area did an expose'. That triggered an investigation by the California Department of Public Health, who found 22 of the unregistered storage sites around the state. An enforcement proceeding was launched by 10 district attorney's offices, including Shasta County. Drop sites in Anderson, Mount Shasta, and Chico accumulated tens of thousands of violations. The investigation showed that Sysco not only routinely stored food unsafely, they made false advertising claims about going "to great lengths to...maintain the highest standards, often above and beyond government regulations." Sysco agreed to a nearly 20-Million Dollar settlement. That includes 15-Million Dollars in penalties, of which Shasta County gets 1.5 Million. Sysco also will make One Million Dollars in food contributions to food banks statewide, and pay 3.3 Million Dollars to fund a 5-year statewide food inspection program.