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9AM Wednesday Local Election Results

With a record number of mail-in and provisional ballots yet to count, it’s likely that the results of many of Tuesday’s contests won’t be known for days.

— Congressman Doug LaMalfa has a lead of 55% to Audrey Denney’s 45%.

— 1st District State Senator Brian Dahle is showing a 57% lead over Pamela Swartz with 43%.

— 1st District State Assembly incumbent Megan Dahle is leading challenger Elizabeth Betancourt by 58% to 42%.

— In the race for District 4 Shasta County Supervisor, Patrick Jones has pulled ahead of incumbent Steve Morgan by 54% to 46%.

— The Redding City Council, with 2 available seats, pits 2 incumbents against 4 challengers. Retired CHP Sergeant Mark Mezzano has taken the lead with 26%, followed by incumbent Julie Winter with 21.5%, the other incumbent Adam McElvain with 21%, and retired police officer Jack Munns with 20%. Trailing are David Robbins with 8% and Monique Welin with 4%.

— The 3Shasta Lake City Council incumbents, Janice Powell, Greg Watkins and Larry Farr, appear to have retained their seats, with challenger Jim Mark showing just 15%.

A few of the statewide ballot initiatives have shown solid results, but many are too close to call.

Prop 14 for stem cell research is neck and neck with 51% in favor to 49% opposed.

Prop 15, to reform some of the Prop 13 rules, is also very close with 48% yes to 52% no.

Prop 16, to bring back affirmative action, is failing with just 44% approval.

Prop 17, allowing felons to vote after getting out of prison, has a strong 59% approval so far.

Prop 18, giving 17-year-olds the right to vote in a primary if they will be 18 by the time of the general election, is failing with only 45% approval.

Prop 19, to change some property tax assessments, is very close with 51% in favor and 49% opposed.

Prop 20, favored by law enforcement for it’s undoing of some sentence reductions of recent years, is failing with only 38% approval.

Prop 21, the rent control measure, is only showing a 40% approval.

Prop 22, with massive financial support from Uber, Lyft and other app-based services, is headed for approval with 58%.

Prop 23, the dialysis clinic measure, is failing with just 36% in favor.

Prop 24, the consumer privacy provision, is winning with 56%.

Prop 25, the elimination of the money bail system, has just a 45% approval so far.