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9:30AM Monday: Shasta County Passes 4000 Positive Cases Of COVID-19

Shasta County has reported 178 new Coronavirus cases from Thursday. The death toll is 42 and there has been a total of 4,095 positive tests so far. The great majority of new cases are under the age of 50. There are 38 patients currently hospitalized with 7 in intensive care. Public health still cannot provide the number of currently active cases or how many people are under quarantine orders or the number of negative tests.

Tehama County has had 1,404 cases and 23 deaths. Trinity County has had 113 cases. Siskiyou County has had 495 cases and one death. Butte County has had 3,624 cases and 59 deaths. Glenn County has had 829 cases and 6 deaths. 730 cases are reported in Humboldt County with 9 deaths. Lassen County has had two deaths among their 300 cases in the community and one death among the 1,181 cases in prison. Modoc County has reached 111 cases.

Thanksgiving gatherings with family from outside one’s home are not recommended. Most everyone has elderly or otherwise medically vulnerable family members who can be unintentionally exposed to the virus from across the dinner table, with potentially lethal results.

California officials have approved stricter new safety regulations requiring employers to implement safety measures during the pandemic. The state’s occupational safety and health standards board on Thursday approved an emergency temporary standard. It requires businesses to educate employees on ways to prevent infection, provide free personal protective equipment and offer free COVID-19 testing to all employees if three or more employees are infected with the Coronavirus within a 14-day period.

Widespread testing is a vital component in getting Shasta County out of the purple tier. Free testing options can be found at