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Shasta County Reports 1 COVID-19 Death Wednesday

A Shasta County man in his 50s has died of COVID-19, bringing the total to 225. Another 29 people have tested positive and 1,009 have tested negative. There have been 11,987 cases so far. An estimated 152 people have the virus right now, 8 people are hospitalized and 1 is in intensive care.

Experts are projecting that COVID-19’s toll on the U.S. will wane dramatically by the end of July. But they also warn a “substantial increase” in hospitalizations and deaths is possible if unvaccinated people do not follow basic public health guidelines such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

California law still requires employers to ensure that workers wear masks while indoors, and when they’re less than 6 feet from other people while outdoors.

Public health says serious side affects from any of the vaccines are extremely rare. The vaccines are about 90% effective and no vaccinated person in Shasta County has died from COVID-19.

Shasta County has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state. Vaccine is free of charge and any Shasta County resident 16 and older is eligible. Information on getting tested or vaccinated is at or by calling 245-7890.

Tehama County has reported 5,553 cases and 58 deaths.
There have been 399 cases and 5 deaths in Trinity County.
2,151 have been reported in Siskiyou County with 22 deaths.
Butte County has reported 182 deaths among their 11,700 cases.
Lassen County has had 22 deaths among their 2,103 cases in the community and 2 deaths among the 3,593 cases in prison.
Humboldt County has had 3,903 cases and 39 deaths.
Modoc County has had 494 cases and 4 deaths.