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Asphalt Cowboys Fail Again To Capture Lone Stranger & Accomplice

In a hail of gunfire, the lone stranger and accomplice once again got away in their annual mock robbery, but this time they didn’t rob a bank. The target this year was the Post Office Saloon in Downtown Redding. The ever-bungling Asphalt Cowboys fired off dozens of shots as they wound their way around the downtown area but to no avail, according to Asphalt Cowboy Tom Spade.


There’s a $1000 reward for naming the strangers and another thousand for locating the loot. Those rewards go down $200 a day. The dastardly masked duo can be seen in a Facebook live post on the KQMS Facebook page, though that may not help in identifying them. We have clues that might help:


As the standard chase ensued,
The Asphalt Cowboys faced rejection.
They lost them at the bluff
Even though they pointed in the right direction.

To identify the stranger and accomplice, call 223-1188


Here’s the clue for the loot location:

The strangers have emptied our post office,
The loot’s gone with them too.
Under the watchful eyes of Asphalt Cowboys,
Who’s failure has left them blue.


Instructions are included with the loot for how to get the reward. It’s never hidden on private property and no digging or climbing is needed to find it. The clues will also be posted daily on the KQMS Facebook page.