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Return of the Chautauqua

Return of the Chautauqua –

Date:  Jan. 15, 2017 & Feb. 12, 2017
Time:  2:00 PM
Location:  Old Shasta Court House Museum

The Behrens-Eaton House Museum will be presenting our Chautauqua in the Court Room at the Historic Shasta Museum.  There will be two programs, each telling the story of one of Shasta’s first citizens, Herman Frederick Ross.  Herman’s life was an amazing tale of a 15-year-old Swedish lad who joined the English navy and then the American Navy.  During this time, he served on a frigate chasing slavers and participated in the China War.  Herman also sailed with traders to Africa in search of gold.  You’ll hear about his time in the American Navy, even being aboard ship when President Tyler and his bride were on a pleasure trip.  Gold fever finally took hold and he made his way to California and Shasta County.  His is a true story of the pioneer spirit.  You will also meet his son, the sheriff and his grandson, a Superior Court judge for Shasta County.  Both shows will begin at 2 P.M.  The first is on Sunday, January 15, 2017 and the second is Sunday, February 12, 2017.  Admission is $10.  Please come and join us.

See you at Old Shasta.